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As Chairman of the Property Committee, I wish to thank you and commend you for the excellent work your craftsmen performed in refinishing the pews, related furniture and pew upholstering in our church sanctuary. Following are comments made by members of the congregation:
  1. Didn’t realize we needed a “new look” – perfectly beautiful.
  2. Carving on the pulpit has gone unnoticed.
  3. The new finish of the furniture blends beautifully with the darker woods.
  4. Pews are magnificent.
  5. My back feels much better due to firm upholstering.
    Alice F. Gault, Property Chairman
    First Presbyterian Church

Thank you for the professionalism witnessed during the execution of work for referenced project – specifically the following:

  1. Refinishing of pews turned out very well and accomplished with
    minimum disruption.
  2. Custom built church appointments are excellent.
  3. Light fixtures and chairs are the quality anticipated.
    K. Henry Saxon, A.I.A.
    Hunter Howard Saxon and Associates

It was great having you with us on Sunday for the Consecration of our newly remodeled sanctuary. Thanks again for all your help.

We are extremely pleased with the way it turned out. You were helpful in so many ways, and we would be proud to have you show Central Trinity United Methodist Church as a model for your work.

Jack D. Downing

Central Trinity United Methodist Church

The jig you made us was flawless. It took 3 of us about 3 hours to install 24 of the jigged kneelers. Whereas it took 4 of us 4 hours to install the 8 custom kneelers. Your jig was a Huge time and money saver being able to install them ourselves. A small church like us could have never afforded to hire out the installation. I also wanted to thank you for the timeliness of the order. Rarely do you get anything on time and you delivered, an extended order, 3 weeks early. This was impressive and appreciated as we had the comfort of removing and installing in good weather.

On a personal note… these kneelers are so comfortable I thank God for you every time I Kneel. Great job and may you have continued success in comforting us church folk.

Jim Kellog, Council President

St. Anne Church, Medical Lake, WA

Thank you for your exceeding kindness in returning my call last Tuesday. It was obvious from our conversation that you are well familiar with your business and the installation of church pews. Moreover, you understand the difficulties in re-carpeting. Our engineer was impressed by your knowledge and orderliness.

Dr. J. Arnold Fair, Pastor

Faith Baptist Church and School

On behalf of the people of St. John Lutheran Church, this letter comes to you with two purposes. First, we wish to thank you, officially, for the work done by you and Eisenhour Church Furnishings during our recent remodeling project. Those of us who have been working with you and D.A.S. These past several months are ever so appreciative of all that has been done for us and are delighted as the results of everyone’s efforts.

Rev. Allen R. Trapp

St. John Lutheran Church and School

We would like to write to you and express our deepest thanks and appreciation for your work and dedication during our recent renovations and church pew refinishing. As with any congregation, this was a significant investment for us yet your personal commitment to ensure the entire project success was far beyond our expectations. From the personal visit to your availability in answering questions along the way, we thank you for that dedication. In addition, the workmanship and the quality of the materials that were used on the pews continues to receive compliments from our members, even months after the installation.

Kevin Quincel, Pastor

Salem United Methodist Church

Please know our appreciation for your prompt response and efforts in regards to our inquiry for having our church pews refinished. Everyoneery pleased with the work that has been done.

LeRoy McNeill, Chairman of the Board

Andover Church of Christ here at the Andover Church of Christ is very pleased with the work that has been done.

LeRoy McNeill, Chairman of the Board

Andover Church of Christ