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Refinishing Specifications
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Refinished pews returned from the factory and parts spread over the church floor before assembly per layout instructions.

1. All pew restoration work is completed in a facility devoted to repairs, refinishing, and upholstering.

2. Factory installers will mark each pew location and mark each pew part when disassembling pews for transportation to the factory. This will insure correct assembly and installation.

3. Existing wood finish will be stripped, lightly sanded, and wiped clean with lacquer thinner and dried.

4. Damaged pews are repaired and sanded before the staining process.

5. New pew parts, as specified in the contract, are manufactured and readied for finishing with the rest of the order. Additional support legs can improve the pew structure when supports are more than 5’ to 6’ apart.

6. Stain finish will be applied using hand rubbed and or spray application to achieve the desired and best finish.

7. A coat of vinyl sealer is sprayed and allowed to dry overnight before sanding with #200 grit sandpaper.

8. Two coats of #50 sheen pre-catalyzed lacquer or specially formulated lacquer are then added. Each coat is allowed to dry overnight and hand sanded. This will insure a velvety smooth finish and exceptional durability.

9. Pew upholstering is installed using a commercial press to provide a wrinkle free installation. 2” or 3” thick 2.8 high density polyurethane foam will be used for the seats and 3/4” or 1” thick medium density foam for the backs.

10. Pews originally nailed together will be reassembled using screws to improve their structure and help eliminate squeaks.

11. Pews are protected and transported to the church for reassembly under the supervision of the factory installation crew.

12. Colonial and painted pew specifications: Painted parts are stripped and or sanded. Two to four base coats are applied followed by two coats of pre-catalyzed white lacquer. Each coat is allowed to dry overnight and hand sanded. A final coat of #50 sheen clear pre-catalyzed lacquer is applied for a smooth and durable finish.