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Pew Refinishing & Restoration

Eisenhour Church Furnishings specializes in church pew refinishing, church pew kneelers, and church pew upholstering. We have over 40 years experience in the church industry and understand unique church requirements. For complete solutions for your church pews and furniture, contact us today at 1-800-686-0587 or e-mail us at about your concerns or use the contact sheet provided.

Refinishing pews at our factory will restore them to like-new quality and the finish will endure for decades. For information on the church pew refinishing and upholstering process, see our Pew Restoration Specifications sheet.

Other services to consider when refinishing your pews:

  • Replacing or adding bookracks,
  • Adding supports to weak areas on old pews,
  • Resizing pews to add handy-cap access,
  • Extending the distance between pews to add comfort.

This may create the need to eliminate some pews, but save on the cost of refinishing. Adding pew seat upholstering to wood seats is more economical than using removable cushions. If you have any questions about planning your restoration project, please contact us and we’ll be glad to help you.

Many solid wood pews built in the early 1900’s through the 1960’s were made of first-rate quality materials and the highest craftsmanship. The lumber and construction details were exceptional. They are worth the expense and effort to restore back to original condition or better. We can change the pew color, add upholstery, and improve the finish to fit with your updated décor and maintain the church’s historical beauty and architectural integrity. Pews in many cases can be resized to fit a new seating layout.

Eisenhour Church Furnishings is committed to professional quality workmanship and dependable service you can count on. Call us today at 1-800-686-0587.

Pew Kneelers: Wood kneelers can be restored along with the pews if they fit the pew properly and are in reasonably good shape. It is usually best to replace old kneelers that are heavy and sloppy. It is even best to replace old metal framed kneelers. Check out the new kneelers and their specifications with the lifetime kneeler leg warranty.

Pew Storage: During church renovation it may save on the restoration cost to have the pews removed and stored. The pews on the home page for St. Xavier were removed and stored for the church renovation. The outside pew banks were cut down to fit the new layout and returned and installed.

For more information about our refinishing and restoration projects, please download the brochures below:

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St. Joseph University Parish

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