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Since 1970, products of Eisenhour Church Furnishings have enjoyed recognition for their excellence in design, their craftsmanship, and outstanding value. Only carefully selected materials and upholstery fabrics of high quality are used to insure lasting beauty, serviceability and customer satisfaction.

This certificate is your assurance that Eisenhour Church Furnishings products purchased by you are backed by this warranty of quality and workmanship, to give you long and satisfactory service, as stipulated below.

Our removable cushions and direct pew upholstering are guaranteed to be free of defects in standard materials and workmanship for fifteen (15) years from date of completion. Any defect that is clearly the fault of our standard materials used or the workmanship for these standard materials will be repaired or replaced by Eisenhour Church Furnishings. There will be no material cost to the original purchaser for the first five years and prorated for the ten year balance. This does not include normal wear, incorrect cleaning, sunlight, or abuse.

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