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Pew Upholstering
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Pew Upholstering

To add the ultimate in comfort while maintaining the stately integrity of older pews, custom upholstering could be your best solution. Upholstering seats only or upholstering seats and backs delivers a more comfortable seating area. Their tailored professional styling is an appealing alternative to worn, cracked, or splintered pews and saves on the cost of refinishing. 2” high density polyurethane foam is added to the seats. 3” foam can be used to give additional comfort. For the backs 1” medium density polyurethane foam is used to improve your pew comfort and cover up the old wood finish. Custom installation is performed on site with the pews in place by our professional installers.

Pew Reupholstering

For reupholstering, old fabric and foam will be replaced with new. Pew ends may need to be removed. Seats will need to be removed if the seat fabric is visible from the back side. On some pews even the cap-rail must be removed. If you can see wood buttons on top of the cap, this is a good sign the cap-rail is screwed down over the fabric and will need to be removed before installation. Again, our professional installers will complete the installation on the job site.