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Following is a selection of fabrics for your consideration. We use fabric manufacturers that have proven themselves in the church furniture industry and upholster properly on longer pews and church pew cushions. Fabric content usually is polyolefin or polyester or blends thereof. We order our fabrics standard with heavier backing and Teflon protection to help them recover from wrinkling and maintain their beauty.

Customer-provided fabrics can be used but usually cost extra. Also, customer fabrics must be tested to make sure they will perform properly on longer pews.

Attached is a newsletter from Absecon Mills Inc. Explaining various  special fabric finishes available on some fabric patterns.
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Please note that we have done our best to display the fabric swatches as accurately as possible, however differences in monitors and individual computer settings will cause colors to be displayed differently. Prior to the final selection, we recommend always viewing an actual sample board.

You can view fabric pattern selections to the right.

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