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Drop Front Pew Cushions
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Drop Front Seat Cushions

The Drop Front Seat Cushion has several advantages. The lauan plywood base can be formed to fit the contour on your pew seats eliminating permanent installation. The plywood can be increased in thickness to improve weak or faulty seat structure.The drop front noising can be made thicker to increase the seat depth, as well as cover up damage on pew seat front edge. 1 1/2” to 2” high density polyurethane foam is used for maximum comfort. This cushion is an excellent choice to replace old upholstering for pews with 3 or 4 section upholstered seats. Add comfort form pew back cushions for additional comfort and eye appeal, covering up damaged and worn wood backs, and extending the life of your pews without costly pew refinishing.

Brochures/Samples of Our Work:
Solomon Lutheran Drop Front Cushion