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New pews are an extremely important and costly purchase for a church. Pews are a part of the architectural integrity and comfort of your church’s worship space and should serve your congregation for many generations. A quality built pew will not only serve you well but save you a lot of expense over the years.

Eisenhour Church Furnishings provide pews with quality materials and dependable and durable construction. We do NOT consider the use of particleboard with veneer expectable for pews.

The following pews are manufactured from solid appalachian red oak from our dependable sources and must be kiln dried to a proper moisture content. In addition, maple, cherry, or mahogany lumber is available. For fully upholstered pews, the seats and backs are constructed using 3/4” thick west coast quality 7 ply plywood and is available in 18 foot lengths. Solid oak framing surrounds the pew seats for screws to anchor into solid oak. Seats can easily be removed for re-upholstery in later years. Wood seats and backs are manufactured using solid oak.

Pew ends and support legs are manufactured using 2-ply solid oak construction. Pew ends are 2” thick and support legs are 1 1/2” thick and placed no more than 6’-0” apart. All pew accessories are in solid oak.

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