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Welcome to Eisenhour Church Furnishings

Church furniture is our speciality. Eisenhour Church Furnishings has been serving the church industry for over 40 years and we understand the requirements and unique needs of churches. We specialize in church furniture restoration including church pew refinishing, church pew kneelers, church pew upholstering, and church pew cushions. We also provide new church furniture to fit with the architectural integrity of your church, old or new.

Eisenhour Church Furnishings takes pride in our products and services and we are dedicated to provide only the highest level of customer service, products, and satisfaction. Contact us today to discover for yourself what a difference experience and quality can make. Call us at 1-800-686-0587 eastern time, contact us by e-mail at or use the above contact link. ADD US TO YOUR BOOKMARK LIST.

See our directories for Hardwood Care and Maintenance, Pews, Fabric and Church Cleaning and Maintenance Tidbits & Hints.

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Church Product Lines & Services

Pew Refinishing
Pew Kneelers
Pew Kneeler Pads
Wood Kneeler Hardware
Metal Framed Kneeler Hardware
Pew Upholstering
Pew Reupholstering
Reversible Pew Cushions
Deluxe Pew Form Cushions
Drop Front Pew Cushions
Communion Rail Cushions
Brochures/Samples of Our Work:
Church Restoration
First Presbyterian Reversible Cushions
First United Methodist Refinishing & Upholstering
Brecksville United Methodist Refinishing & Upholstering
Notre Dame College Refinishing
Pew End Refinishing
Solomon Lutheran Drop Front Cushion
St. John's Upholstery
St. Joseph University Parish Refinishing
Vermilion Ev. & Reformed Upholstering
Altar Boy Cushions
Hassock Kneelers
Church Furniture
New Pews
Choir Chairs
Worship Chair Seating
Fiberglass Steeples
Fiberglass Baptistries
Fiberglass Cupolas
Fiberglass Crosses

St. Xavier Church

Pictured above: church restoration projects
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Absecon Polyolefin

Absecon Wax Removal

Chatham Fabrics

Johnston Ultima Finish

Johnston Olefin Cleaning Instructions

Tahoe, LLC Olympia & Marathon Cleaning Instructions

Care of Solid Wood Furniture

Wax Removal/Cleaning Instruction (See Tidbits & Hints for Wax Removal)

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